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Subscribers to the Chit Fund comes from different social and economical segments, such as salaried employees, Small and medium businessmen, large industrialists, IT and BT professionals, property developers, Hoteliers, Film industrialists, engineers etc.

Sree Gowri Ganeshaa Chits Private Limited has various chit groups to suit every need and convenience of all the above segments. Groups varying from 25 to 40 members with a monthly instalment ranging from Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 2,50,000/- are the options available to the investors. Plans are afoot to increase this limit to Rs. 5,00,000/- in the days to come.

In a chit fund group, every member subscribes a certain assigned an amount by way periodical instalment for a definite period, after entering into a contract under the act. Every subscriber will be entitled to the prize money in turn by way of auction. The highest bidder who is prepared to forego more money as discount is awarded the prize money (minus discount) Of the discount 5% is deducted as foreman's commission for his services and expenses, the company in this case, is called the foreman. The remaining amount is distributed equally among the members as dividend. The maximum bid has been fixed at 30% while the minimum bid being 5% of the chit value. In any event if, two or more bidders offer to forego equal sums as discount, the successful bidder will be chosen by drawing lots. When there are no bidders then the successful bidder will be decided by an open auction. Prize money will, normally be disbursed by A/C payee cheque, before the date of next auction and after completion of necessary documentation to secure future instalments/ liabilities.

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